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Ride Compact

Catalog number: 90047374
Model: Compact
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Women's snowboard RIDE Compact

Women's All-mountain snowboard RIDE COMPACT is a great choice for beginners or intermediate riders. The hybrid bend in combination with a larger rocker is suitable for easy riding without jamming the edges. This snowboard is the ideal companion for all-day riding in any conditions. Thanks to the softer flex, it can perfectly adapt to all situations and conditions.

Directional Hybrid Rocker
Rocker on the tip, a smaller rocker on the heel and a micro camber between bindings. Directional - directional board with inserts slightly shifted backwards.

WMNS Performance ™ Core
Core specially developed for women's snowboards. High strength and lightness of the core and snowboard is achieved thanks to the combination of hardwood Aspen and light wood Paulownia.

Thin Con
All RIDE boards have this technology. ThinCon is a thinning of the toe and heel. This reduces the weight that limits rotation.

Skateboarding-inspired technological innovation based on the material of skate wheels, which guarantees an extra smooth ride and extremely high durability. This exclusive technology is tolerant and tough at the same time, and instead of fighting vibrations, it prefers to absorb them. Just like skate wheels, urethane in SLIMEWALLS technology softens the interaction with snow, wood and metal obstacles you can ride. It does not harden at low temperatures against common ABS edges. In addition, the SLIMEWALLS is a virtually indestructible edge, making it the most durable side edge construction in the snowboard world.

Bi-Axial Glass
Fiberglass laid at 0 ° and 90 ° angles for the perfect flex snowboard, which at the same time forgives mistakes.

Single Impact Plates
Extra reinforcement in lamination in places under the binding as a prevention against snowboard breakage.

Extruded 1500 Base
Standard extruded base that absorbs wax perfectly and is easy to repair.

Quadratic Sidecut
Progressive cut that allows an ideal edge-to-edge transition without unwanted jams and at the same time offers great support in completing the arc without losing control.

Size (cm) 138 142 146 150 154
Effective edge (mm) 1012 1037 1076 1101 1126
Nose width (mm) 272 275 279 283 286
Center width (mm) 236 238 240 242 244
Tail width (mm) 272 275 279 283 286
Radius (m) 9.2 / 6.7 / 9.2 9.3 / 6.8 / 9.3 9.4 / 6.9 / 9.4 9.5 / 7 / 9.5 9.6 / 7.1 / 9.6

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