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Men's shirts Element

Men's shirts Element

Men's shirts Element

Men's shirts are a very grateful piece of clothing. It is possible to achieve with them both a rebellious outfit and an outfit entirely casual or purely formal. Shirts are basically divided into short-sleeved shirts, which are especially suitable for warmer summer months and long-sleeved shirts suitable for cooler months. High quality flannel shirts come in handy when it is cold, becase they heat up pretty well.

Shirts have collar, full-length buttons and chest pockets. At we offer not only a large quantity of short and long sleeves, but also shirts with various color patterns and motifs, denim shirts, light and good shirts for summer, but also winter shirts with an additional hood. You can also choose from all the different sizes available.

The Element embraces a nature-friendly production program, and besides, it also places great emphasis on supporting artists through the Element Advocates concept. An integral part of the company's philosophy is the Made to Endure, which builds on high-quality materials and high durability. Every season the brand prepares a number of special collections based on a limited number and available only to selected sellers - for example in our country. The brand logo is a geometrically crafted tree that reminds you of the already mentioned - a responsible approach to nature in the production of anything - but also the need for a person to seek harmony in living with nature. That's why Element has a series of wildlife-inspired series in the woods or, for example, regularly organizes skate fun camps in which young people learn to co-habitate. The element focuses not only on men's, but also on women's fashion, in a series called Element Eden, based on the concept of female tenderness. Alongside the fashion apparel, the majority part of the Element skateboarding section is Brandon Westgate, Nyjah Huston or Wes Kremer. Everything mentioned is regularly published by skate boards and fashion products. In our offer you will find the most interesting pieces from Element collections and all stock!

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