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Women's shoes Vans

Vans LogoThe Vans brand is a popular manufacturer of footwear and fashionable clothing. It has been operating since 1965. Its traditional "old kool" models have so far gone without significant design interventions and are still celebrating successes. However, the Vans brand keeps track of current trends. Especially in the ladies' assortment, it often presents innovative products that determine the direction in global fashion.

Women's shoes Vans

Women's shoes Vans

Women's footwear is a very dynamic area, constantly and rapidly evolving year after year. In addition to that, there are plenty of types of shoes concerning construction, but also style - women's street shoes, winter boots, sport boots or skate shoes. And that's just a few of the basic categories, then there are, of course, other quite specific areas. In every occassion, they should be comfortable, that is a number one priority. At you can find women´s shoes suitable for everyday movement around the city, at work and at school, more elegant shoes for special situations and even laced sports shoes. The basic division of shoes is accroding to seasons into women's summer boots and women's winter boots. You can choose between models with different types of socks, cushion systems and pillows and shoes from various materials (including leather, cloth and textile breathable mesh). If you do not look for new shoes and you are looking for something to breathe new life to your current shoes, try the category of women´s laces. We believe you will definitely choose from our wide range of models, color variants, and shoe types. 

Vans sponsors a wide team of skateboarders with well-known riders who are involved in developing the design and technology used. This is reflected in high quality footwear models with precision machining and typical design. Recently, for example, the latest UltraCush damping system, which dampens the impacts and effects of skateboarding and walking, is one of the most recent innovations. Of course, Vans shoes are not just for skateboarders. Thanks to the versatile, it has to be remarked that the timeless design can be worn by anyone who falls into the eye. To school, to work, for a walk in the city, for a weekend on a cottage or on a date. Even in the outfit, Vans with the motto Off the Wall, which is present in many design variations and combinations of colors and styles, is not behind its competitors. Models of clothing are especially popular with the young generation. For this, a simple design, a distinctive original logo or a characteristic ubiquitous chessboard, the so-called checkerboard, is responsible for this. Any Vans product, from T-shirts, sweatshirts, to wallets and other accessories, you often get to know others at a glance. Traditions and years of experience are here in full. Under the banner Vans, races are held in snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, bmx or freestyle motocross. As a professional Vans skateboard team, stars like John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, and Geoff Rowley - each with their own prom dress vansek.


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